Hey! Thanks for stopping by! We’re Laughing Beetle, a quirky duo hoping to sprinkle laughter into your day.

Laughing Beetle was inspired by two opposite-interest friends with the same theory – it takes one person to change a life. Sometimes all that involves is making someone smile. They could be a stranger in the grocery line, or a good friend. If you can brighten a person’s day, then you’ve given them the sliver of humanity they needed to see.

Our goal is to create a wave of hilarious harmony throughout the world. We want to give out smiles like Halloween candy – want some more? Sure, grab a handful! We believe our amusing shirts can be the catalyst for this momentous event. 

But who are we to make that happen? In no particular order, one of us is an entomologist, the other is an engineer. One of us is country, the other is city. One of us is a little fluffy, the other is a little boney. And, we’re combining our differences to connect the world, one playful t-shirt at a time.

What about our shirts? With farming, bugs, and sustainability close to our hearts, we hold our products to the highest standards.

And, the same is true for you! Without you, we’d be digging in the mud, looking for hidden gems. That’s why we take customer service seriously. We want to take care of you, just like you do for us.

In fact, we’d love to meet you! Come visit us and say hello on Instagram.  Until then, we hope you enjoy browsing the site and finding your next favorite shirt!

~Laughing Beetle

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